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GrillGrate Comprehensive Cleaning Set

2 Reviews | Write a review

GrillGrate Comprehensive Cleaning Set- You Save $10

This is a grill cleaning system on steroids! All products specifically designed for use with your GrillGrates. Not a metal bristle in the bunch for maximum safety.

Set includes:

  • Grate Valley Brush for easy cleaning of the valleys between the raised rails
  • Commercial Grade Grill Brush (15") for "sweeping" the valleys of debris on a cold or slightly warm grill and off-grill deep cleaning with soap and water
  • GrillGrate Detailing Tool for those hard to reach places like the channels of the interlocking joints
  • Grate Scrubbie Brush for off-grill cleaning of your GrillGrates and Griddle
  • Groover All-In-One Cleanser-Filled Scrubbing Pads with commercial grade cleaner that dissolves food and grease for spotless clean GrillGrates in minutes!
  • Grate Chef Grill Wipes for use on new or recently cleaned GrillGrates to promote seasoning and prevent sticking
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