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We opened our doors in 2007 and that marked the beginning of the GrillGrate craze that continues to grow each year. Today, GrillGrates are the number one grill accessory on the market. We are dedicated to making you the go-to retailer for the best tool available for grilling! Our “Store Locator” page is the second most visited page. Our goal is to earn your business by having excellent customer service to complement our excellent product.

GrillGrates are interlocking panels that fit any grill.
Gas Grills: replace or use on top of existing grates.
Charcoal, Pellet and Kamado Grills: use on top of existing grates.


Sales Tip #1
Sell GrillGrates to Your Regulars First. Your regulars are active grillers, and they buy the new stuff first. They listen to YOU and trust YOU. Your regulars are opinion leaders and likely the king of the grill in their neighborhood. Your regulars are also a referral system for you and your store. Display GrillGrates near your fuel or have the video loop (see below) playing near your fuel area.

Sales Tip #2
Set up a Silent Salesman in Front of Your Store. Roll a grill out to the outside entrance area of your store. Install GrillGrates, ideally on a gas grill, rails up and rails down. Place the “Meet the #1 Grill Surface” sign on the grill, and you have a GrillGrate greeter out front!

Sales Tip #3
Assume Everyone Who Comes into Your Grill Department Owns a Gas Grill. Ask your customers, “What kind of gas grill do you have at home?” Assume they own one – 90% of grillers own a gas grill. If they say Weber, boy do you have something to show them! Replacement sets for Weber gas grills are our #1 and #2 sellers. There are millions of Genesis, Spirit, and Summit gas grills in use and in good condition…they just need GrillGrates. They’ll thank you for the suggestion!

Sales Tip #4
Sell GrillGrates to everyone who buys pellets. Pellet grills and GrillGrates are peas and carrots! Display a sear station (3 panel set) with your pellets? Train your associates when they have a customer put pellets in their shopping cart- ask them if they have GrillGrates for their pellet grill yet? We call them sear stations for a reason. GrillGrates add the sear and sizzle to pellet grills that is often lacking. We have sear stations for all popular brands of pellet grills: Traeger, GMG, Louisiana, Yoder, and more.

Videos to help demo GrillGrates

A simple and effective pizza demo

Put a silent salesman in front of your store!

Recipes to help demo GrillGrates

The recipes below are simple but highly effective. These demos are safe, and very easy to execute at the retail store level. GrillGrates are easy to demonstrate on any grill. We suggest a gas grill as it is an excuse to showcase a gas grill and highlight the value that GrillGrates bring to any grill- especially gas grills.

Grilled Pineapple & Watermelon Recipes

Grilled Pizza & Quesadilla Recipes

Videos to play in your showroom


POP Signs Available for Purchase

These durable indoor outdoor aluminum signs cost us up to $35 each, we sell them for $20, what a business model! Email to purchase.



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