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GrillGrates Are The Perfect Gift For Your Griller!

GrillGrates are the best accessory for any grill. Google us, read the reviews and get your griller GrillGrates. Food is juicier, more tender, perfectly seared and never burned.  Learn why your griller needs GrillGrates


Best Selling GrillGrate Sets

2 panel set of 15

Two Panel Set 15" GrillGrates
This starter set will sit on any grill 
Reg. $45.99 Now $39.09


3 Panel Set 17.375" GrillGrates
This sear station will sit on most pellet grills
Reg. $ 76.98 Now $65.43

GrillGrates for the Large Kamado

Kamado Large
Fits all Large Kamados
Reg. $67.99 Now $57.79

GrillGrates for the Weber Genesis

GrillGrates for The Weber Genesis®
Makes the best-selling grill better than new
Reg. $131.45 Now $111.73

GrillGrate Gift Sets

Comprehensive Cleaning Set

Comprehensive Cleaning Set
Our best cleaning tools and a great price
Reg. $59.99 Now $50.99

Grilling Essentials Gift Set

Grilling Essentials Gift Set
Choose your length, our best value!
Reg. $93.99 Now Starting at $79.89

Precision Grilling Set

Precision Grilling Gift Set
Know your GrillGrate temps & food temps
Reg. $144.99 Now $123.24

Griddle Gift Set

Griddle Gift Set
Griddle Burgers, Bacon, Scallops, Fish! 
Reg. $47.99 Now $40.79

Best Selling GrillGrate Accessories

Grate Tongs

The Grate Tongs
Ultimate control at the grill!
Reg. $23.99 Now $20.39

Grate Valley Brush

The Grate Valley Brush
Bristleless design clears the valleys of debris
Reg. $16.99 Now $14.44

Temp and Time Thermometer

Temp & Time Thermometer
It’s a thermometer that turns into a timer
Reg. $59.99 Now $50.99

Grate Gloves

The Grate Gloves
High heat protection, great for all grillers
Reg. $22.99 Now $19.54

GrillGrate Gift Certificates

The Perfect Gift For Those Hard To Shop For Grillers

Click Here To Order Your GrillGrate Gift Certificate *coupon code does not apply to gift certificates

How it works

GrillGrates are INTERLOCKING PANELS that fit across the surface of your grill. They can replace your existing grates or sit on top of them. GrillGrates produce juicier and more tender food.

Made of hard anodized aluminum, GrillGrates increase the grill surface temperature, reduce flare ups, even out hot and cold spots and deliver restaurant quality sear marks. GrillGrates are the perfect replacement for old, rusted out grates.



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